Black Women Are Worthy

“Black women are worthy is a visual and lifestyle concept by creative wellness visionary Deun Ivory. Through the intersection of art, beauty and wellness, she uses conceptual design as a healing mechanism for marginalized communities. As a multidisciplinary artist, Ivory seeks to create spaces, IRL experiences and visuals that make black women feel seen, empowered, and supported in their individual and collective journey towards self-love.” 

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CREDIT:Deun Ivory

CREDIT: Black women are worthy installation vol 1 2021. Exhibition, from houston, with love.


Director: Deun Ivory
Writer: Deun Ivory
Producer: Unique James
Cast: Adrienne Raquel
Cast: Ebahi Ikharo
Cast: Toccara Renee Ross
Cast: Samantha Harvey
Cast: Grace Lul
Cast: India Banks
Cinematographer: Brittney Janae
Editor: Brittney Janae
Brittney Janae
1st AC: Sedgwick McCray

Production Manager: Jasmine Williams
Costume Designer: Chasidy Billups
Wardrobe Assistant: Jessica Hanson
Composer: Della Orrey
MUA: Erica Smith
MUA: Andrea Samuels
Hair Stylist: Jessica Hanson
Movement Director: Chasidy Billups
Dialogue Editor: Joseph Strawder
Production Assistant: Zoe Mhungu