Nu Goteh on creating something that goes deep


We Are Made Podcast| 5/20/2022

Today on the We Are Made Podcast, Imani is joined by DEEM journal co-founder, Nu Goteh. Originally born in Liberia, West Africa, from as early as he could remember, creativity was an interest. In 2008 after graduating from UMass Lowell with a B.B.A in marketing, he made his way to PUMA as an intern and soon found himself in a cycling world of selling. When he noticed his lack of fulfillment and intention within his professional career he began to seek a more nuanced way of using design to infuse social responsibility into his work. After gathering with a group of friends around the same interest of reshaping what the future of the design world looked like and who could be a part of it. DEEM journal was born. Introducing this week's origin story, Nu Goteh.

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