Jarrett Maloy on doing something you’re passionate about


We Are Made Podcast| 6/3/2022

Today on the We Are Made Podcast, Imani is joined by JMO’s SneauxBall founder, Jarrette Maloy. After growing up in a family of elected officials and playing baseball for majority of his upbringing, he placed importance on maintaining a relationship with the community. When his dream of making it in the major leagues took a turn, he redirected his focus to starting a youth development program. Only issue was, he needed money. To help raise funds he started with a small snow cone station at a local apartment complex, as the business began to expand he soon went on to purchase a trailer, then shortly after he opened his very own first brick and border. The once goal of creating impact has turned into a greater business that serves the people he had always wished to touch. Introducing this week's origin story, Jarrette Maloy.

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